Mespotine-Sessions #15: The Grand Astoria


The Grand Astoria St.Petersburg/RU

With The Grand Astoria, we have a returning guest in the fifteenth installment of the Sessions. And, with a lot of new songs including a very long version of Mania Grandiosa, we talk about how to organise concerts from Russia to the world, russian and japanese bands you need to hear and we ask ourselves, what robbers of a touring bandvan need…the bandshirts for, they stole…

1. Now or Never
2. Blessed, Cursed & Crucified
3. Aelita – The Queen of Mars
4. World without a Smile
5. Mania Grandiosa

Kamille – git+voc
Igor – git
Dmitry – bass
Daniel – voc&percussion
Greg – drums

written and performed by The Grand Astoria on 11.5.2014 in Leipzig/DE
produced, mixed and mastered by Méô Mespotine
artwork by Grand Astoria’s „In-House-Designer“ Sophia

Update: 24. February 2017 – Improved mixes on some of the songs…

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