Mespotine-Sessions #7: SeeSaw

Krakow/Polen – Minimal Acoustic

In this years‘ last episode and right before the winterbreak due my moving, I invited Phil and Eryk of Seesaw from Krakow(Poland). We chat about Seesaws, fingerpicking-guitarmusic, the meaning of lyrics these days and we’ll learn some stuff, what you can do with boxes…

1. When The Leaves Fall Down
2. The Apprentice
3. A Photograph
4. If I Had
5. From the Corner Cafe

recorded on 22.09.2012
written and performed by SeeSaw
recorded, mixed ans produced by Méô Mespotine


Part 1
Genre, Minimal Acoustic Music, Bandname, SeeSaw, Songwriting, Rehearsals, Liked Songs, Unliked-Songs

Part 2
Bandhistory, Dublin, musical influences, Guitarlessons, Fingerpicking, Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, U2, Flower Power, Contemporary Lyrics, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, College, Poland, Expats, Świnoujście, Kraków, Searching for Bandmates, The Wasters(Band), Too Pretty For Porn (Band), Boys and Bicycles(Band), The Sunday Sessions(Band), Elle Aura(Episode 3), Musicschool, Classical Guitar, Bach, practising classical guitar

Part 3
Meeting and first rehearsals, A Photograph(Song), Notatka(Song), self taught musicians, trained musicians, no additional bandmembers, „Chapter One“(Debut-Album), recording work

Part 4
Tour, first german gig, promotional work, future record

Part 5
Magic Hat, last words to the world

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